Evolve Your Karma: Step Into Greater Service

by John Germain Leto

Most of us began our yoga path for our own growth, healing and transformation.  Through focus, effort, and passion, we have come to understand the deep roots of this ancient tradition and its importance in the modern world.  We chose to dive deeply into our practice, eventually becoming teachers so we can share the power of Yoga with others in our family, tribe, and community.

But then what? 

How can you bring your full Self - with all of your talents, gifts,  wisdom, and strengths for the highest good of others, while radically expanding beyond what you’re currently doing? 

As a coach and holistic practitioner for the last 14 years, I’ve come to know what being in service means: that no matter what personal struggle may be going on inside of me, the second I step into a class, client session, or group ceremony, my own personal issues fall to the background and I step fully into my power.  I become seen for who I Am and how I am there to serve.  I become fully present for those I am serving , and I give my whole self to the moment.  No matter if it's a one hour workshop or an entire week-long course,  I become transformed by being in service.   My body, mind, and heart become both deeply grounded and highly elevated, and I am gifted the opportunity of growth and connection to those I am serving. It is the path of Dharma and enables us to step beyond our sense of Self into something far greater.

I know I’m not alone here.  When a yoga teacher teaches, when a coach coaches, when a healer helps to heal someone, we recognize our connection to All and our role in the cosmic field.  In those moments, our Soul’s purpose has been realized, and we are rewarded by the karma coming back to us full circle. 

I believe Bono said it best, “We’re One, but we’re not the same”.  We are all one, all connected, in the process of putting ourselves back together as one again.  When we help another person or contribute to another’s wholeness, we sense the truth of our existence.  This existence is the Oneness we are moving towards. 

That is what I want to contribute to and the journey I am on. 

I know you, like so many others, have faced your trials, found your gifts, and are on this path too.

This is why we created KarmaTree:  We envisioned a more conscious world where we have each fulfilled our reason for being.

When you step into a bigger vision of being in service, while supporting and contributing to others at the heights of your capacity, what tools and support will you need?

We are here to partner with talented, high profile teachers, wisdom keepers, and healers to provide inspiration, encouragement, and accountability, to empower you for your next step of the journey. 

Come join us.  Together, we can each play our role in the raising of human consciousness on the planet. 

Jenna MonsComment