Our Mission


Our mission is to serve, measure, and acknowledge the people who have re-oriented their lives around being of service.

We will do this by leveraging the existing relationship between yoga practitioners and the teachers they resonate with.  Our process involves supporting a complete yoga lifestyle:  moving more deeply into asanas, more profoundly into meditation, more powerfully into breathwork, expanding yoga philosophy to everyday life, increasing the living quality of foods, expanding one’s relationship to the entire energy that they carry, and tapping into a flow of a naturally inspiring life. It’s content in these areas, curated by experts and yoga teachers, that can help the yoga community deepen and expand their own lives.  

We stand behind the idea that the everyday yoga teacher is an extraordinary individual--a bright, energetic, wise soul whose own life has been awakened, and hence has devoted their lives to the further growth of others. They have skills and strengths that are not being utilized to their full capacity. The app, events and programs we are creating provide a way for them to do so.

A life fully lived is a life where the highest flow of actions pour forth into the lives of others.  

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